How To Use Your Lace'mup

Step One

Take the two ends of the lace and loop together, as you normally would to start tying a lace.

We recommend putting the loop round twice as this holds the lace in place better when doing the later steps.

Step Two

Take the Lace’mup, create a loop with each side of the lace and push each loop through one of the holes in the lacemup.

Your shoe lace should now look like the image, with two bunny ears poking through the Lace’mup. Make sure you leave enough of each end of the lace under the Lace’mup so that it ties in the next step.

Step Three

Now tie the two bunny ears into a knot the same as you did in step one. This time we only need to do it once though.

Your lace is now tied. Just one last thing to do…

Step Four

…Pinch the Lace’mup together gently and pull off the lace. The Lace’mup will slide off the lace, leaving the lace tied.

Yay! That’s it. Happy faces tying laces!