Where did Lace’mups come from?

Lace’mups was born out of a little frustation!

While I love teaching my kids new things, after having to tie my 7 year old daughter’s shoe laces for the 6th time in an hour, I figured someone must have invented something to help.

Obviously I was wrong!

So I set about making one, with a trusty swiss army knife and handful of old credit cards, library cards and membership cards. I spent many an evening carving different shaped holes and different length slits into plastics.

Most of them “almost” worked but none very well, until I stumbled upon an old phone case in a long forgotten drawer.  So I carved that up too!

To my disbelief and excitement it actually worked.  My daughter was able to tie her own shoe laces.  Phew!  More uninterrupted sofa time for me.  In fact it worked so well, that within a week she was able to tie her laces unaided, without the prototype Lace’mup!

“Hold on a minute”, I thought, “if it worked for my 7 year old, maybe it could work for other children.” And the rest as they say is history! (At least 12 months and vast numbers of emails and phone calls later it’s history!)

Thanks for being part of that journey and I look forward to making you and your child’s life easier and more fun!

Ben Drury
Inventor and Founder of Lace’mups.