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The only shoelace device that helps AND teaches kids to tie their own shoelaces. Gives them independence and saves you time!

“Teach your children to tie their laces in just 5 mins with this device!”

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What people say about Lacemups.

“Wow! Had nearly given up as by 9 he just could not do his laces! The Lace ‘m up arrived in the post I showed him once how to do it, after two minutes he could do his laces and within half an hour he didn’t even need the lace ‘m up! He is still using it as he is quite proud to be seen with it!! Thank you!”

“Fantastic product my granddaughter is now wanting to tie everybody’s shoelaces!”

“I love that it means my laces are tied and they’re no different to normal. I can now buy the shoes i want – I’ve already been online looking at lace up Converse boots.”